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GOOD Magazine, my latest pleasure, has a list of 100 GOOD things about the world. Its a compelling list of very interesting things, places and people. GOOD is one of those magazines that simply takes my bowls me over everytime I see some new content. Unlike most Asian magazines (I should say, almost all Nepali magazines), they do not underestimate the power of design. Good design is at the heart of everything they do. And they’re right. People are more likely to read things that are attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Check out GOOD Magazine and its list of the GOOD 100. Below are my own selections out of the 100:

Creative Commons and Open Source: Firefox, Linux, Google Chrome, Wikipedia. Open source, all free, all the time, for everyone. Knowledge is free. If only everything else could be this way.

Bundanoon, Australia: I have always been a big opponent of bottled water, especially in most developed countries. In America, the water from your kitchen tap is the same as the water in your fancy bottle. Bottled water is wasteful, impractical and just a vain, pathetic thing that hurts the environment so much. Bundanoon, Australia is the first city in the world to ban bottled water. Instead, every local business will fill up your bottle with water whenever you ask for it. Its a stand and a step in the right direction.

The Yes Men: The Yes Men are two ‘culture-jammers’ who perfect the art of corporate sabotage. They set up fake website for multinational corporations and pretend to be spokespeople for the same. When someone invites them to speak at a conference or meeting, they take the opportunity to state just exactly what the corporation does. No frills, no coverups, just the naked truth, the ugly side of capitalism. One of their most famous stunts was pretending to be a spokesperson for the Dow Corporation, the head of Union-Carbide, the company directly responsible for the toxic chemicals release in Bhopal that killed close to 3,000 people and affected more than 500,000. The Yes Men claimed total responsibility for the disaster on BBC, launching a world-wide media scramble. Watch it here.

The Kepler Mission: NASA’s Kepler Mission will finally try to figure out if intelligent life exists out there in the universe. It will search for planets with similar geographic compositions and the existence of an atmosphere. We might finally get an answer.

Google: Google makes life easier. Without it, I don’t know what I would do. It has grown from a simple search engine to an all-encompassing internet phenomena. And I’m happy with it. Google’s innovations are new, fresh and always easier. In addition to all their products, they’re going to be launching a Chrome OS, a fully open source operating system to rival the MAC OS and Windows. Yes!

JR: JR is a street graffiti artist who creates massive, arresting images that call attention to urgent social issues. His work is usually huge, and provocative.

Jonathon Keats: A very interesting analysis of contemporary capitalist consumer culture. His idea is genius.

Cola Life: Ever notice how Coca Cola is everywhere, even the most remote parts of the world? In their quest for global dominance, Coca Cola has established a network of supply chains that reach where most development aid programs cannot. This new idea is trying to push the Coke company to carry aid packages in the shape of triangles that fit on top of the coke crates. Its an ingenious idea, if only Coke would agree to it.

Umair Haque: A heartfelt manifesto from a very smart man. Also, read the first comment. A great dialogue.



Written by Pranaya

October 29, 2009 at 4:35 PM

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